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Thirty Dominion Quotes

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I ascribe all the Glory to the Lord God Almighty who brought me into this world fifty-three years ago, and by divine design, called me into the work of the ministry thirty years ago (on my twenty-third birthday)! In thanksgiving to Him who has preserved and prospered my life, and who by His Grace and Mercy equipped and released me to be a Blessing to generations of Believers, I  hereby release this Package of Prophetic Quotes. These 30 dynamic nuggets are highlights from some of the Ministry openings and opportunities the Lord granted the Kingdom Capstone Outreach Ministry (KCOM) in this passing year 2014. Our core theme as a ministry in 2014 has been “Dominion in Destiny for Distinction,” around which most of the quotes therefore centre.


Earlier on today, in the midst of worship and fellowship with the saints, two lines from a stanza of the hymn “In Christ Alone” hit me like never before: “From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.” What a blessed assurance – that there is One who “commands my destiny” from inception to glorification; from location to destination. No power of hell and no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand. Friend, you can catch the same revelation concerning your life and destiny.


Be blessed as you soak in the unique unction and prophetic anointing in these ripples of revelation!


1. Value of Time – Key Indicator of Dominion

“A person who cannot have dominion over his or her TIME is really not ready for dominion over any other thing…Everything I want to do for God in this year 2014 has to be the best. I would not engage in anything for which I’ll say “let’s just manage it.” If I don’t “manage” things for myself, I cannot “manage” them for God! Everything has to be the best, and by the grace of God, the pace we have set for ourselves as a ministry-team is the pace of excellence…the Spirit of excellence in every ramification, particularly when it comes to valuing the things that God values; and TIME is one of such.”

– Dominion Decrees – Believers’ Enrichment Seminar Time (BEST) – 11, January, 2014.


2. Made to Have – Not to Lack

“And God said…Let them HAVE dominion…The Lord created and designed us to “have” not to “lack” – you were made to HAVE not to LACK. You were made to have certain things that God has ordained for you, not to lack them. I pray for you, whatever God has ordained to be your portion in life, you will not lack in the Name of Jesus Christ. You were designed to HAVE life, not to lack life…You were made to HAVE dominion, not to lack dominion…” (Gen.1:26; John 10:10).

– Dominion Decrees – Believers’ Enrichment Seminar Time (BEST) – 11, January, 2014.


3. God is a Walker

God walks. He is dynamic. He is the God who is always on the move and nothing can stop Him. When you walk in step with God, nothing can stop you. Amen…God wants you to walk in step with Him in the right way…The Almighty God is raising a dynamic people – the Church – through His Son Jesus Christ. The Church is meant to be alive, awake, revived, working and walking in step with Him, bombarding the gates of hell, and militantly invading the kingdom of darkness to set captives free, and extend the boundaries of God’s Kingdom of Light!” (Gen.1:2, 3:8; Dt.23:14; Dan.3:25; Mt.16:18; 2Cor.6:14-18)

All Souls’ Chapel, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, 22 January, 2014.


4. Manifest Presence

“When you begin to appreciate, cherish and understand the Presence of the Lord, then you will become a recipient of the Fountain of Life and be blessed with the fullness of His pleasures…Even though the Presence of God is universal, there is a ‘manifest presence’ of the Lord. When that universal presence becomes personal to an individual and God reveals Himself to that individual, this is described as the manifest presence of the Lord. This presence of the Lord carries the power of God; and this power of God releases the blessings of the Lord” (Psa.36:9, 139:1-5).

In His Presence, Power of Faith Gospel Mission, Ibadan, Convention, 01 February, 2014.


5. Delivered for Dominion

Dominion is the chief evidence of Deliverance! Whatever you have been delivered from can no longer have dominion over you! God has ordained His children to exercise dominion in all dimensions of life…God designed you for all-round dominion (Ps.71:21; Rom.6:14; 3John.1:2).

Dominion Dimensions – BEST, 08, March, 2014.


6. The Generational God

“The Eternal God is the God of Generations. God is interested in generations because His Agenda often transcends Time! We must learn to think generationally…God often speaks prophetically into the generations of His covenant friends…We must not abandon or abort our responsibility toward the next generations

Dominion from Generation to Generation – BEST, 12 April, 2014.


7. Legacy of Dominion

“Effectiveness in life and ministry is measured, not only by what we have been able to accomplish but by the extent to which we have been able to successfully pass down a God-given inheritance and lasting legacy. The witness of Jesus’ mighty miracles and powerful preaching would have died at Calvary if not that He prepared a generation in the Apostles to carry on.”

Dominion from Generation to Generation – BEST, 12 April, 2014.


8. Why Live for Him?

Why would we not live for Him who gave Himself for us? He deserves our whole-hearted devotion…We must thankfully – not grudgingly – live for Him. Living for Him is an out-flow and evidence of ‘loving Him’: you love Christ by living for Him because the Son of God loved you and gave Himself for you. Your life is defined and determined by a vibrant love for Jesus that is lived out in everyday living! (Gal.2:20; 2Cor.5:14-15).  

Living for Him – Christ’s Ambassadors Evangelistic Team Easter Retreat, 18 April, 2014.


9. Live for Your Owner

Living for Him is what is left for you to do, after you were saved...If you are not living for Him, you are disrespecting redemption, disgracing Grace, and depleting eternity…You are not your own; live for your Owner…(Rom.14:7-8; 1Cor.6:19-20).

Living for Him – Christ’s Ambassadors Evangelistic Team Easter Retreat, 18 April, 2014.


10. Walk Your Talk

Your habits are important because the world is more interested in your walk than in your talk. Do all of your talking, including preaching and witnessing; if your walk – your conduct, your behaviour, your visible expression, what the world sees about you – contradicts your talk, then, all of your talking is meaningless and useless. This is very important for Christians in this generation. Yes we must talk; but we must walk our talk. We must be doers of what we preach or teach (1Tim.3:15; Jam.1:22).

Habits of Spirit-filled Believers – Christ Redeeming-Power Evangelical Ministries, 19 April, 2014.


11. The World is Watching

The world is watching you, wondering – ‘Is his walk equal to his talk?’ Or ‘Is her walk contrary to her talk?’ Your behaviour will ultimately reveal your beliefs. What you do habitually will reveal what is in your mind. There is a difference between lip-service Christians and living Christians. What you really believe is best expressed by how you behave (1Tim.3:15).

Habits of Spirit-filled Believers – Christ Redeeming-Power Evangelical Ministries, 19 April, 2014.


12. The Dominion Word

“Lord, please establish the revelation of the Dominion Word in my heart, that I may truly realize my position in dominion, actualize my mandate of dominion, and demonstrate my possession of dominion.”

Dominion Prophetic Prayers – BEST, 10 May, 2014.


13. Kingdom-Destiny

“What is a Kingdom-destiny? Who is a Kingdom-destiny? Every destiny that God has ordained to have an impact in His Kingdom is a Kingdom-destiny: every destiny that God has invested in, and is expecting a manifestation – for God is a Business-Man; He invests in souls and expects dividends. Every destiny that is an asset to the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom-destiny.”

Release of Kingdom Destinies – RCCG, Praise Center, Oklahoma City, USA, 25 May, 2014.


14. Awake, Arise, Shine

“Your destiny is not a casual destiny. Your destiny is not an ordinary destiny. You don’t have a mediocre destiny. You are not an average. God has determined that your destiny will be for distinction and dominion. He has designed you to have impact in your location and in your generation…It is time to awake. It is time to arise. It is time to shine.”

Release of Kingdom Destinies – RCCG, Praise Center, Oklahoma City, USA, 25 May, 2014.


15. Designed for Dominion

“God wants to re-awaken the sleeping giant within you. He wants to re-awaken the deposits of divinity that He has put within you...Man was made in an atmosphere of dominion. You were designed for dominion. God fabricated you with dominion in His mind. His first pronouncement upon man was the pronouncement of dominion (Gen.1:26-28).”

DOMINION – African Christian Fellowship (ACF), Oklahoma City, USA, 30 May, 2014.


16. Position of Dominion

“You have a territory. You have a domain. I have a territory that God has made me king over. You have a territory that God has made you king over…Within that territory there is no room for any trespasser…A king exercises dominion by the word of his mouth…He sits on his throne and speaks, and subjects obey. He sits on his throne and commands, and circumstances are subdued (Psa.115:16; Eccl.8:4)”

DOMINION – African Christian Fellowship (ACF), Oklahoma City, USA, 30 May, 2014.


17. Possession of Dominion: “Dominion is a tangible spiritual reality. It is not just a theory, a concept, or a mere idea, but a tangible, spiritual reality…There is a possession of dominion that must become real to you…When you HAVE it, you know you HAVE it; and then, you begin to exercise and practice it” (Gen.1:26-28)

DOMINION – African Christian Fellowship (ACF), Oklahoma City, USA, 30 May, 2014.


18. Position, Possession and Practice of Dominion

“The positioning in dominion means to know who you are and where you are in Christ – seated with Him in the heavenly places. Your possession of dominion means to know what you have in Christ…The practice of dominion means to know how to use what you have…Mere possession of dominion yields no result until it is practiced and exercised by faith.”

DOMINION – African Christian Fellowship (ACF), Oklahoma City, USA, 30 May, 2014.


19. Dominion for Direction

“The Lord will teach you in the paths of productivity and profit. He will lead you away from defeat, failure and losses. The Lord will lead you to make the right choices in all areas of your life. He will keep you away from disappointment and regret. The Lord will guide your choices and decisions into the abundance of peace, joy and impactful righteousness” (Isa.48:17-18).

DOMINION – African Christian Fellowship (ACF), Oklahoma City, USA, 30 May, 2014.


20. Kingdom: the King’s Domain

“Where there is no kingdom, there is no king; and where there is no king, there is no dominion. Kingdom is the king’s domain. Kingdom is the king’s territory. Every king has a territory. Whoever says I’m a king and has no territory is a liar. Whoever says I’m a king and has no territory is only carrying a title. Whoever says I’m a king and has no territory has no scepter of authority” (Isa.48:17-18)

Dominion from Generation to Generation – Joshua’s Generation Church, Columbus, OH, USA 15 June, 2014.


21. Reign in Life

“What man lost in Eden is restored in Christ…This is our generation to reign. We are not of the old Adam who was merely a living soul. We are of the Last Adam, who is a quickening Spirit – that’s Jesus…We are in the End-times. God is raising up His Army. He is turning sheep into soldiers. He is transforming little flocks into ‘Receivers’ of the Kingdom” (Lk.12:32; Rom. 5:17)

Dominion from Generation to Generation – Joshua’s Generation Church, Columbus, OH, USA 15 June, 2014.


22. Dominion and Dynamism

“Stagnancy is of the devil. God is a dynamic God. He is a God who is always on the move. And He is raising up a dynamic people, against whom the gates of hell shall not prevail – a Church that is on the move, not a passive Church that is waiting for hell to bombard it” (Matt.16:18; Acts 10:38)

Dominion from Generation to Generation – Joshua’s Generation Church, Columbus, OH, USA 15 June, 2014.


23. Generational Transfer of Dominion

“Friends, for those of us who have known the Lord, and we are serving Him, and we love Him, and we know that we have a unique purpose to fulfill in this end-time, we have a mandate to transfer this dominion to your children…Pass on the baton to them. His dominion is from generation to generation…This dominion-link will not break” (Gen.18:19; Dan.4:3-4).

Dominion from Generation to Generation – Joshua’s Generation Church, Columbus, OH, USA 15 June, 2014.


24. Let God Take the Glory

“One thing about my life and ministry is that I don’t care so much about who gets the acclamation for whatever God wants to do as long as He does it, and gets the ultimate Glory. I have settled that long ago. The whole idea is not about making a name, or having the label of the ministry behind every achievement.”

The King’s Agenda – BEST, 12 July, 2014.


25. God has an Agenda

God always has an agenda. He has an agenda for all of His creation…If God could have an agenda – a plan, geared toward a purpose – for the sun, the moon and the stars, how much more for human beings….God has an agenda for my life. God has an agenda for your life and for everything he has birthed in you or through you. For everything that God has commissioned or initiated through you, God has an agenda. For that marriage that God brought you into, God has an agenda. For every child that God has given to you, God has an agenda…It is your responsibility to discover his agenda and partner with Him to fully fulfill the agenda.” (Gen.1:16-18)

– The King’s Agenda – BEST, 12 July, 2014.


26. Change is Inevitable

“The Almighty God is the Unchanging Changer. He does not change; every other thing will change. Change is inevitable, but the important thing is that when you experience change, it must be a positive change; a progressive change, not a retrogressive change; a positive change, not a negative change…You do not come to Christ and remain the same! You are changed positively and powerful into the Image of the One whose Glory you behold.” (Mal.3:6; 2Cor.3:18).

Transformation for Manifestation – Faith Bible Church, Akobo, Ibadan, 26 July, 2014.


27. What Prayer Is

“Prayer is the breadth of the regenerated spirit. It is as vital to the human spirit and the soul as breathing is to the body. The christian life must be a lifestyle of unceasing “breathing” every moment. Man is designed as a praying being!” (Ps.5:2-3, 65:2; Lk.18: 1; 1The.5: 17;  Phil.4: 6)

Dominion through Prayers – BEST, 16 August, 2014.


28. Why Sickness?

“Disobedience brought sin into the world, and with sin, death came upon humanity. Sin disrupted the entire structure, producing a harvest of decay...Satan is the author of disease. Since disease is a part of the curse, its true remedy must be the cross! Jesus went to the cross, spirit, soul, and body, to redeem man, spirit, soul, and body. Therefore, the Cross is the centre of the plan of salvation for man. Every form of sickness and disease known to man was included in the “curse of the law...Christ dies for our sicknesses just as He died for our sins” (Dt.28:15-62; Rom.5:12; Gal.3:13).

Dominion Over Demons and Diseases – BEST, 13 September, 2014.


29. Covenant of Divine Health

“Even though it is God’s will to heal us every time we are sick, His perfect plan is not for us to be continually in need of healings, but to live in divine health and strength. Just as it is not God’s will that we be saved over and over again, but that we remain spiritually well, His desire is that we “be in health”. His covenant of healing did not emphasize healing as much as divine health (Exo.15:23-24; 23:25; Jos.14:10-11; Ps.105:37; 3Jh.2).

Dominion Over Demons and Diseases – BEST, 13 September, 2014.


30. Discipline, Wisdom and Dominion

Discipline is the ability to train oneself to doing what needs to be done. Wisdom is the ability to know what to do and how. Discipline is vital to a life of dominion, particularly because the world is full of complacent people. Personal discipline is an indispensable key for accomplishing anything worthwhile; it is the mother of genius. Those who cannot discipline their appetites and attractions become slaves to the lusts of the flesh and of the eyes. Being a Solomon in Wisdom and a Paul in Determination, but a Samson in Discipline, is detrimental to destiny!”

Dominion Disciplines – BEST, 8 November, 2014.


As we stand on the threshold of the New Year 2015, remember: Jesus Christ, the Unchanging Changer is the One who “commands your destiny.” Let Him lead you, and you are sure to arrive at safe havens! On both global and local scale, the year 2015 holds great promises of upliftment in the Heart of God for His people, but strange and severe judgement for the enemies of righteousness. It shall be a year of the Rising of God’s agents of righteousness and Catalysts of progressive change, as well as the season of casting down and mighty falls of the proud, haughty, and the wicked!


“When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up, and he shall save the humble person. He shall deliver the island of the innocent: and it is delivered by the pureness of thine hands” (Job 22:29-30)

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