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Sunday, May 8, 2022
Bible Meditation: 
Psalm 33: 10-22

HE FASHIONS their HEARTS individually; He considers all their works” – Psalm 33:15

Heart Transformation involves the process by which GOD FASHIONS OUR HEARTS: “HE FASHIONS their HEARTS individually; He considers all their works” (Psa.33:15). Every human being is under responsibility and accountability to Almighty God, whether or not he willingly acknowledges it. God is worthy of worship because of His sovereign control of global human history. Because “the counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of HIS HEART to all generations,” He is able to fashion our own hearts to align with His (vv.10-12). Furthermore, being perfect in knowledge, God sees the vanity and futility of all the achievements in which people put their trust (vv.13-17). Above all, He is worthy of praise because of the salvation, life, protection, and provision He bestows on those who fear Him (vv.18-19). All who humbly trust in His Mercy will develop new virtues of hope, confidence, and joy (vv.20-22).

The word “fashions” implies that no one is exempt from God’s control. This does not mean that all human hearts are made to “resemble” each other, whether in goodness or in wickedness. Rather, it means that all alike “are” made by Him. Also, the idea in the word “fashions” is not that of “creating,” but that, as He has “formed” the hearts of all people, He sees what is in the heart, and beholds all the purposes and thoughts of people. The Lord sees us from heaven. He sees all people in all times in all places. He formed the heart of each person individually. And He made each of us for a particular use; a specific role; or a personalized mission.

The Maker of the human heart understands what is in it; and, therefore, He has a clear understanding of the purposes and designs of human beings: “He considers all their works” (v.15b). In similar vein, Psalm 94:9 says, “He that planted the ear, shall He not hear? He who formed the eye, shall He not see?” God considers all our works. He possesses universal sovereignty! He understands, marks, or attends to, all that we do. God made all things; He presides over all things; He sees all things; He is the source of safety and protection to all. It’s easy to feel lonely and insignificant in a world full of people or a crowded church; but God’s children never need to feel either (vv.13-14). The Lord not only knows us individually, He personally “fashions” our heart (vv.15).

Again, the word fashion – “yatsar” in Hebrew – speaks of how a potter works clay and has the idea of forming, molding, planing, framing or shaping for a predetermined or preordained purpose. It is the picture of something being made or built in a special way for a particular reason. God fashions each of us to be His best! We don’t have to feel insignificant when we encounter a great preacher, speaker, or singer, just because the Lord didn’t form us to be exactly like them. God fashioned our heart for a reason, for a particular use and a specific role in His Kingdom Agenda. He reveals this to different people in different ways at different times in different degrees. What is certain is that: ours is a life-long journey of discovery that unfolds exactly the way our Sovereign Lord determines.

The Believer in Christ has the security, comfort, and contentment of knowing for a fact that God fashioned each of us for a specific purpose. If we turn to, listen to, obey, and fellowship with God, His purpose will unfold. As God individually fashions our hearts, His purpose will be revealed, to play out over the course of life. He made each of us to accomplish something unique in the Kingdom. He fashions our “heart” to be exactly perfect for that task or mission He needs us to complete. Our duty now is to be available for His use; to be listening to God for instructions and direction; and to live in faith and trust that His individual design for us will be fulfilled.

Adetokunbo O. Ilesanmi (Meditations)

Lord, please FASHION OUR HEARTS to fit the purpose, vision, and mission You need us to commence and complete, in Jesus name.
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