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Sunday, November 1, 2020
Bible Meditation: 
3 John 1-8

Beloved, I pray that you may PROSPER in all things and be in HEALTH, just as your soul prospers – 3 John 2

Part of the display of Divine Order within our Being is the PERFECTION of HEALTH and WELL-BEING: “Beloved, I PRAY that you may PROSPER in all things and be in HEALTH, just as your soul prospers (3 John 2). By God’s Grace, this will be the prophetic focus for this New Month of November. John the beloved was praying the Father’s Heart of Healing and Well-being for the saints. At individual, family, communal, national, and global levels, daily life is littered with diverse diseases and sicknesses, but God has purposed that His children be blessed with sound health in a sound mind and adequate well-being.

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently ravaging the souls of nations and almost bringing the strongest of nations to their knees. The physical, economic, and social lives of many people have been paused. The pandemic has accentuated both physical sicknesses and mental challenges, making the latter an astronomical concern the world over. Discouragement and despair are leading to depressive states of health and deterioration in quality of life.

Amidst the ravaging plague, God is willing to open the treasures of His Word and release the Power of the Holy Spirit for the Perfection of our Health and Well-being. As we begin to meditate in His Word, it is also wise to PRAY in faith, believing for complete health – spirit, soul (and mind), and body. A healthy life is comprised of more than a physically fit body, free of injury and illness. Health is meant for every part of our lives. It’s time to pray for Perfect Health and Well-being.

Father-God, in the precious Name of Jesus:

I praise You for this day, and for every day that I get to wake up on this side of eternity. Each day is laced with purpose, and I ask for Your wisdom and guidance every day. Help me to live each day well, and for Your glory, from start to finish. 

Cause me to enjoy good health, while all goes well in my life. Let my souls be made well and whole. Let Your goodness surround me for the rest of my days.

I pray that I may enjoy good health and that all shall go well in my life; my soul is made well and whole. I declare that Your goodness surrounds me for the rest of my days, and all things shall be made well.

I thank You for Your Word, which breathes life into my weary soul and mind. I thank You for the sacrifice You, Lord Jesus, made on the cross, paying with Your life for my ease of heavenly access. 

Help me to keep strong and healthy in spirit, mind, and body, putting away and overcoming fears, while rekindling hopes, and dreams. You know my past, present and future. You know my personality and all of my emotional needs. 

I thank You for being the source of health in my inner being. You help me cope. You guide, comfort, and strengthen me. 

Let my mind be renewed mind and my thought process kept clear. Help me guard against negativity, anxiety, and worry. 

Help me handle my emotions excellently well. Guide me to use and express my emotions in appropriate and healthy ways. 

Comfort and lift me in my hurt. Calm me in every distress. Heal me when I am broken. Alert me when I am discouraged. 

Show me how to handle stress. Deepen my friendships, strengthen my family ties, and connect me with other Believers.  

Let my heart never grow cold. Help me care for my body and mind, and keep them strong. Help me to eat well and keep fit.

Forgive me in ways that I have neglected to care for the life You have entrusted me with. Let me never be worn down physically or mentally. 

I declare that I fear the Name of the Lord, therefore the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings, never to set; and I shall go forth and grow up!

Adetokunbo O. Ilesanmi (Meditations)

Lord, grant me deeper insight, and usher me into Realms of PERFECTION of HEALTH and WELL BEING, in Jesus name.
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