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Friday, May 1, 2020
Bible Meditation: 
Genesis 1: 1-18

Then God said, “Let there be LIGHT”; and there was LIGHT” – Genesis 1:3

Welcome to MAY – our Month of PERFECTIONS of LIGHT: Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light” (Gen.1:3). Everything in creation began with these words: “Let there be Light”! And everything God has purposed to bring to reality in our lives will be via the Agency of His Light! GOD is LIGHT! He is the Personification of Light: GOD IS LIGHT and in Him is no darkness at all (1 Jh.1:5b). Therefore, to encounter LIGHT is to encounter GOD in one or more of His multi-faceted relfections. Each of these would be the objects of our meditations in the coming days. The Lord will be speaking and releasing Light into all dimensions of our destinies, to bring to manifestation the perfections of His plans and purposes. We shall witness the reality of Light in our daily lives, and our connection with the Source of all true lights shall be renewed.

So we see that Light is the focus of God’s first recorded word in the Holy Scriptures! Light is like the ‘genesis’ of Genesis. Another fascinating feature about the creation account is that God created light on the first day of creation. Nothing else preceded the emergence of light. Nothing could come into visibility without light. Moreover, God didn’t create the sun, moon, and stars until the fourth day (vv.16-18). This implies that Light existed before the objects that reflect the visible lights that we know came into existence. Light emanates only from the Presence of God. Light never stands apart from its Source.

Today, let’s briefly reflect on and prophesy into our lives the Perfections of Light in all of God’s splendid diversity and colourful variety. Beloved, let us by faith, release these Prophetic Declarations on the Perfections of Light.

In Jesus’ Precious name, I declare that:

I will revel in the Perfection of the Light of Revelation that destroys Ignorance and brings Renewal and Restoration to life.

I will operate in the Perfection of the Light of Vision that prevents destruction and secures Victory and Dominion in life.

I will walk in the Perfection of the Light of Wisdom for Winning, Enthronement, and Reigning in the high places of life.

I will live in the Perfection of the Light of Knowledge that overrules darkness and brings liberty, strength and exploits.

I will be established in the Perfection of the Light of Understanding that makes for an outstanding life and destiny.

I am positioned for the Perfection of the Light of Inspiration for impactful manifestation in all areas of life and ministry.

I will encounter the Perfection of the Light of Insight into divine mysteries for positive Influence and powerful Impact in life.

I will operate in the Perfection of the Light of Divine Dreams for positive, productive, and tangible accomplishments in life.

I will walk in the Perfection of the Light of Divine Direction for Advancement, Dominion and Distinction in Destiny.

I will experience the Perfection of the Light of Divine Enlightenment for all-round awakening, rejuvenation, and revival.

I will move in the Perfection of the Light of Divine Instructions that’ll secure my life and destiny on the world’s highways.

I will enjoy the Perfection of the Light of Divine Counsel that terminates frustration and establishes God’s plans for my life.

I will operate in the Perfection of the Light of Divine Secrets that dissolves darkness and unveils Kingdom mysteries.

I will be led in the Perfection of the Light of Divine Guidance that keeps my feet from falling and orders my life aright.

I will be filled with the Perfection of the Light of Divine Ideas and Creativity that gives birth to Inventions and Innovations.

I will overcome by Light in all the battles of life. I will always know the next step to take, and the next move to make.

I will never be stranded! I will always hear what God is saying, see what God is showing, and receive all that He is releasing.

Adetokunbo O. Ilesanmi (Meditations)

Lord, let my life epitomise the PERFECTIONS of LIGHT in Your splendid diversity and colourful variety, in Jesus name.
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